Computer Art

I set up and programmed many computer artworks in my group Micro Arts. Please see Micro Arts website

There is a book about Micro Arts with many images, get an ebook in your format here (if you’re a student or academic I’ll send a pdf, please contact me from your college):

Micro Arts History Geoff Davis ebook many formats

I am now a researcher at the Creative Computing Institute, part of UAL Camberwell. I previously did an Electronic Arts MA at Middlesex University in 2003, research on zooming interfaces (this was before the iPad etc), which led to a product, Notes Story Board (originally called Story Lite and Story Turbo), a creativity app that has been around since 2010 and still gets downloaded.

This is the section on the research, which had an art piece Calm as a Dead Clam

This is the Notes Story Board website

I have also worked internationally in teaching and producing computer graphics and websites, including at Nesta UK, Sheffield Hallam University, UAL (when called London Institute), Omnicom design group, Penang State, and others.