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My first published story: ‘African Story’ was in a PEN New Writing anthology (PEN are a literary organisation, it stands for Poets, Essayists, Novelists, see PEN website). This was my first ever story. All I had to do was respond to a ‘call for entries’. Previously I had been in an experimental band, and spent too long studying Biochemistry and then Psychology at Sheffield Uni. When I wrote this short story I was living in Paris 18th, an appropriate place for a writer to start their career. I assumed getting published was really easy.

Here’s a recent photo (and no, I am not an electronic device, at least not yet):
Geoff Davis G P Davis writer author London
Geoff Davis (G P Davis) writer author London

Names: new writers often ponder if it makes any difference. Many people use pen names for their genre fiction, crime, SF, romance etc. to avoid embarrassment and permit freedom of expression. My first published story was in the PEN International competition so I chose a gender neutral name (G. P. Davis) in case they already had the desired number of males in the collection. J K Rowling and E L James used initials to not be identified as female when trying to find a publisher.

Now: I will use my usual name, as this site is a general resource.

Coming soon: fiction to read or download, including my new novel (serialised).